Maize | Meet Vladdy. He’s Very Grumpy
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Meet Vladdy. He’s Very Grumpy

Meet Vladdy. He’s Very Grumpy

If you were thinking “Hey, this game about sentient corn really needs a robot cat for a sidekick,” you’re going to be disappointed.

Because we have a robot bear. He’s very grumpy.


His name is Vladdy, and if he looks familiar, that’s because he’s a Russian knockoff of a popular children’s toy. His usefulness is questionable but his Insult Rating is off the charts. He’s also extremely grumpy. So pretty much the perfect companion.

We’ll share more about Vladdy as we go. And by share, we mean we’ll Photoshop him into existing images to create humourous juxtapositions.

(Also known as memes)