Maize | You can now play Maize with a controller!
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You can now play Maize with a controller!

You can now play Maize with a controller!


Hey everyone! Maize’s first update is upon us! And we’re very happy to report that you can now play Maize with a controller!

Partial Xbox Controller support has been added to the game, along with a few other adjustements. You still need to use the mouse to navigate Maize’s menus, but the game itself is fully controller-ready now.

On top of that, we’ve added some controls options for both Mouse/Keyboard and Controller setups. On the mouse side, you can invert your mouse Y-axis, adjust sensitivity and smoothing. For the controller, you can adjust look sensitivity and invert the Y-axis.

Along with this, we’ve listened to your feedback and lowered the motion blur effect, and we’re also investigating a way to adjust that easily with a slider in the menu screen. For now, we’ve posted a workaround in our Steam Forum that will specifically adjust it.

We wanted to get this update to you as quickly as we could, so we don’t have a Controls Screen implemented yet. Because of this, we’re posting the game controls below. The gamepad Controls Screen should be in the next update.

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for all the kind words of support! We’re really happy that so many people are enjoying the silly game we made.

Maize Gamepad Controls

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Look
Left Trigger: Sprint
L3: Crouch
A or Right Trigger: Interact
LB + RB: Cycle Inventory
Y: Examine Item
X: Open Folio Screen
B: Exit Examine/Folio Screens
Start/Menu Button: Pause


Maize Team